Community Achievements

The College of Westchester is pleased to announce it now offers the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Health Care Administration. CW is also offering the Bachelor's Degree in Health Administration completely online.

Having the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Health Care Administration furthers your skills and knowledge to enhance your employability and position. Medical, health services or healthcare administrators plan, organize, direct, and coordinate systems and personnel within medical and health organizations ranging from small group practices to larger hospitals and clinics.

At CW you can earn your associate degree in Health Information Management or Medical Assistant Management and seamlessly transfer your credits to complete your bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration. You will enter the workforce with two degrees and solid industry skills and knowledge to enhance your employability.

Classes start this January!

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Before Paula Cancro came to CW, she worked many years in the “middle” of IT.  She learned she had a geek in her, early in her career and learned her way around the helpdesk, technical training and business analysis through those years. There was a period of about ten years where she learned a lot about being downsized and how to keep up her skills and spirit in lean job times. All of this has helped her learn, teach, and work with students on a variety of projects here at CW. She has been here for six years, first as an adjunct, then going full-time in the fall of 2008. She is thrilled to receive this honor as Faculty of the Year, a gift that will definitely keep her on her toes.


Congratulations Janet Thompson, Associate Chair of CW’s Business Administration department,

on her successful completion of the Quality Matters (QM) program on “Applying the QM Rubric” (APPQMR).

Quality Matters uses peer-review processes to “promote and improve the quality of online education.”  The APPQMR

Workshop is an essential QM certification step.


Jacqueline Flynn has satisfactorily completed the Sloan-C Online Teaching Certification 9-week Foundation Course.

Jacqueline was mentored by an expert in the field of online education throughout this "intensive collaborative practicum.” She also worked closely with fellow faculty from a variety of institutions and disciplines to apply and assess elements of online course design and delivery.

The overarching objective of the certification program is for faculty to develop the pedagogical skills and strategies needed to create engaging virtual learning communities. Jacqueline has already implemented some of the new techniques in the two online Finance courses she is facilitating this semester.

Congratulations Jacqueline on this great accomplishment.

Professor Michael Aman continues to make important contributions to the arts and was recently a featured interview in the African American Playwrights Exchange (AAPEX) blog site.

Check it out here.

Congratulations Michael on your continued success!




Congratulations to General Education Instructor Aaron Sultanik who has been invited to present a paper at the upcoming London Film and Media Conference on June 22nd through June 24th.  Aaron's paper is titled Cinemulacrum: A Paradigm for the Teaching of Media Culture.

 Aaron's paper will be made available to the CW community upon his return from the conference.



Congratulations to Paula Cancro for recently completing Quality Matters Standard 8: Addressing Accessibility, which reviewed the legal responsibility of higher education institutions to employ assistive technologies used by students with disabilities.

Paula is a part of the Office Technologies department and teaches Project Management courses in the BBA program during the day, and in the Saturday hybrid program.  She's been with the college for 5 years.  The last 2 years she has been in the Learning Center as a writing tutor.  Paula is also a moderator for the Poetry Club since it was started about a year and a half ago.

CW Assistant Professor Stacy Larson recently wrote a law review article that is going to be published in the beginning of next year.

The citation is as follows: Comment, Intersexuality, Athletes and Gender Verification Tests: The Need to Assure Human Rights and Privacy, 23 PACE INT’L L. REV. (forthcoming Winter 2011)

Lorraine Mastracchio has been promoted from Senior Chairperson to Senior Chairperson of Faculty and Curricula.

Lorraine’s expanded role and title will find her working more administratively in the areas of overall faculty development and continuous quality improvement of the Teaching and Learning environment.

Her almost 30 years of service excellence to CW makes her uniquely qualified to take on this expanded role and the authority that comes with it.


“It’s important to remember to take school seriously because it sets the base of your future employment.”