Student Experience

You will become part of the CW community of learners.   Your student experience will include interacting with our dedicated, caring professors and staff who are passionate about people. 

You will participate in class discussions, submit assignments, share in group projects and learn to rely on your fellow classmates and they rely on  you. 

Your time management skills are very important, and your ability to motivate yourself, have discipline and drive to succeed are attributes that will take you far, but, you do not do it alone.  Your instructor is one of your learning lifelines and your academic advisor and success coach is available to you from the time you start school till graduation.

You can chat with your career counselor throughout your time at CW, gaining knowledge about your career path, your hopes and dreams.  When it is time for negotiating for a promotion or pay increase or with assistance in seeking employment, CW career services will be with you every step of the way.  

Though there are many wonderful days in the life of a student, for most the best day is graduation day.  You are also welcome to attend commencement at the Westchester County Center with the rest of your fellow graduates.



“At CW, the staff and instructors are very welcoming.  I enjoy coming here every day and learning.  I feel that I am receiving a quality education, and hands on experience I can use in the real world.”