BBA - Business Administration-Management

Bachelor’s in Business Administration Degree Program (BBA) – HEGIS Code 0506

The BBA in Business Administration – Management is a fully online program that offers students a strong and broad business program by integrating courses in management, marketing, finance, technology, and project management.  In addition, this BBA program includes a unique Project Management focus that provides specialized skills often desired by employers.  Business Administration – Management students will also focus and develop their newly acquired skills and knowledge through a senior-level capstone course.  All baccalaureate students will experience a global, job specific curriculum that will prepare them for a wide variety of business career tracks – in addition to graduate school.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the BBA degree in the Business Administration-Management program should be able to:

  • Explain how businesses are organized and operate
  • Develop public speaking and writing skills
  • Practice the decision making process
  • Analyze and interpret business-related current events and case studies
  • Evaluate various marketing and sales techniques
  • Develop skills used to manage people and processes
  • Create a comprehensive business plan
  • Strengthen research, planning and analytical skills
  • Enhance critical thinking skills
  • Interpret the impact of business decisions
  • Demonstrate fundamental management, leadership and decision making skills
  • Effectively apply Project Management tools and techniques

Curriculum and Course Descriptions

Course No. Business Courses Credits
BUS103 Introduction to Business Ventures 3
BUS112 Principles of Marketing 3
BUS203 Principles of Management 3
ACC107 Financial Accounting I 3
ACC320 Accounting for Managers 3
CIS310 Business Processes Analysis 3
BUS214 Principles of Finance 3
BUS230 Principles of Selling 3
BUS280 Business Applications and Leadership 3
BUS305 Marketing Management 3
BUS320 Operations Management 3
BUS325 Management Applications & Theory 3
BUS338 Intermediate Finance 3
BUS370 Project Management Essentials 3
BUS405 The Service Industry: The Changing World of Business 3
BUS410 Seminar: Critical Issues in Business 3
BUS440 Applied Project Management Concepts 3
*BUS480 Business Administration Capstone Course 3
Total Business Credits 54


Technology Courses Credits
OFT115 Emerging Information Technology 3
OFT122 Office Applications: Microsoft Word & PowerPoint 3
OFT127 Spreadsheet Applications (Excel) 3
Total Technology Credits 9


General Education Courses Credits
ACE110 Transformative Learning 3
GEN125 English Composition I 3
GEN127 English Composition II 3
GEN129 Oral Communications 3
GEN147 College Mathematics 3
GEN157 Statistics 3
GEN181 Microeconomics or  
GEN183 Macroeconomics 3
GEN224 Professional Communications and Career Development 3
GEN305 Mathematics Concepts and Statistical Applications  
GEN330 Adult Development and Learning in the Workplace 3
GEN342 Writing for the Business Professions 3
GEN363 Conflict, Communication and Resolution 3
GEN421 Technical Business Communications 3
Total General Education Credits 39


Students will complete 6 Elective courses in this program, 1 of which must be a General Education course.
Electives Credits
Business Electives (3) – 100/200 Level 9
Gen. Ed. Electives (1) – 300/400 Level 3
Open Elective (1) – 100/200 Level 3
Open Elective (1) – 300/400 Level 3
Total Electives 18


Curriculum & Course Descriptions


Program Disclosure

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“My CW experience has been great so far.  I have learned a great deal in a short time, as well as meeting some wonderful people who I know that I will keep in touch with for many years after we graduate from CW.”